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Learn, experiment, contribute to more than 25+ beginner repositories made using React, JavaScript, Node, Mongoose, MySQL, Python, GraphQL. Most of which are used in real applications as well.

Join over 30+ contributors across the globe.

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DSA in JavaScript

Over 150+ stars, 70+ interview problems, 30+ worldwide contributors, 200+ unit tests and live CI/CD!

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45+ stars. Learn about industry standard applications, play with a complete REST API application. Bonus? Added layer of GraphQL!

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Scalable System Basics

Learn how to think about a scalable system step by step from scratch using Node & JavaScript. Super beginner friendly!

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React Starter Kit

40+ Stars. Used by 2 companies in production, learn about how to build a create-react-app of your own. Bonus? HMR included!

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Deep Learning Bot

Interested in Machine learning? Have a look at the working ful-fledged Deep Learning bot. 100% beginner friendly!

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React Hacker News

Fully working application using react-hooks and API in less than 100 lines! Search and look at top 10 HN news of your choice

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GraphQL Basics

A full fledge GraphQL application for beginers! Explore about query, Mutations and Subcriptions and learn how to build a complete backend application using GraphQL

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Docker Compose Basics

Looking for Dev-Ops basics? Deploy your microservices together, learn how to setup and use Docker Compose and manage 4 services together!

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Node Mongo REST API

A complete backend application built with industry standard. Learn how to setup Unit Tests, CI/CD for backend APIs! Bonus? Complete beginner friendly

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Explore learning path in Node, React, Go and lot more

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How about listening to real life experiences? has really helped 50+ developers and beginners across the globe to learn and shape their open source journey and experiences. Here's what people are saying about it.

Let's learn together, build together and grow together.

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